Emmy Award Winning, Kyle Jones-Hendersonville/ Nashville, Tennessee-USA, is willing to record on YOUR album Internationally via MP3 data transfer or at his home studio!

Here's a list of the Percussions (membraneous)/ Idiophones (non-membraneous) and genres of Music(s) that Kyle Jones has to offer you and your specific-taylor-fitted style:

  • AFRICAN (East, Middle, and West) – Atempwan, Sogo, Kidi, Djun-Djun, Djembe, Gahu-Bell, Frichiwah
  • AFRICAN (North) – Naqara, Qakreb, N. Afr. Tabla (doumbek) < focus on Gnawan and Berber Music and Instrumentation
  • BULGARIAN/ SLAVIC/ GREEK – Tapan, Dhavul, Drumset
  • CUBA – Bata (Santeira focussed)
  • MIDDLE EASTERN/ PERSIAN – Daf, Doumbek, Tombek, Tar
  • NORTH INDIAN – Tabla, Dhol (Dohl), Packawaj (Pakvaj)
  • SOUTH INDIAN – Ghatam, Kanjira, Mirdangam (MRDGM)
  • SOUTH AMERICA – Conga, Berimbao, Pandeiro Guica, Guiro
  • WORLD TRANCE MUSIC (techno-electronica) -zen drum 

Kyle has created 100s of percussive items in his career life based on cross-hybrid drums/ percussions and their correlative cultures.

Please contact Kyle at: kylejones37075@yahoo.com or call Kyle at: 615-289-7882 for pricing your specific session project or information on inquiry to performances that Kyle could offer for your group or his entourage of musicians for your particular party or interest


January 14:  Some great musicians playing together at Green Hills! Tom Hemby, Byron House, Mark Prentice, Phil Keaggy, Bobby Cochran and Kyle Jones. 

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